Day 1 Done!

Results of day 1


Well I’ve made it to the end of day 1! As predicted I was worked very hard at the fitcamp session, but the post exercise buzz is so good and I’ve missed it. I was actually amazed at how well I did considering how little exercise I’ve done recently but I feel like I smashed it. I think I’m going to struggle tomorrow and the day after at work though. I already can’t walk down the stairs! Tomorrow I’m back to work after 2 weeks off and work always makes things a challenge. I do 12 hour shifts but can end up with 2hr+ overruns and breaks can either be 3hrs in or 7+hrs in. If all goes well tomorrow I’ll be doing Day 1 Week 1 of a couch 2 5k. Next year I’d really love to enter some races so we’ll see how that goes. At present I think I walk faster than I run!


  • Workout: 50 min Fitcamp
  • Breakfast: ‘Overnight oats’ 40g porridge oats (HxB), strawberries (S), strawberry yogurt (0)
  • Lunch: SW spaghetti ragu (0), spaghetti (0), parmesan (2)
  • Dinner: Chicken chargrill (0), rice (0), steamed vegetables (FP,S,S), gravy (2)
  • Snacks: Activia peach yogurt (0), quavers (4.5)
  • Drinks: Tea (milk HxA) x2, vimto squash 1 pint x5, coke zero vanilla 500ml, water 75cl
  • Total syns: 8.5

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