Work work work

Work presents a new challenge.


I had been hoping to post yesterday but as expected work made things harder! Both days I have overruns, only half an hour on the first day but 2 hours on the second. I had also been hoping to start my couch to 5k but because of the overruns it didn’t happen. Back to fitcamp tomorrow though!

In some ways work was easy and in other ways hard. Yesterday I wasn’t hungry at lunch time so didn’t have anything. By home time I was starving! Today I did have lunch but because of how late I finished I was still starving by the time I got home. I just wanted to stuff my face with quick junk food and not anything I had. Instead I had a banana which took the edge of the hunger and allowed me to make a better choice. I was so proud of myself for not giving into my cravings!

Tomorrow is going to be a brand new challenge, night shifts! And not only that but with fitcamp in the morning and a hospital appointment in the afternoon I’ll be going into it without my normal afternoon nap. Watch out world!

Hopefully I can get some better posts out soon when I have a little time.

Yesterdays food:

  • Breakfast: Weetabix (HxB), milk (HxA)
  • Lunch: None
  • Dinner: SW bolognese ragu (0), spaghetti (0), parmesan (2)
  • Snacks: Banana x3 (0), freddo (5), quavers (4.5)
  • Drinks: Tea x3, water, coke zero
  • Total syns: 11.5

Todays food:

  • Breakfast: Weetabix (HxB), milk (HxA), peach yogurt
  • Lunch: M&S skinny sausages x2 (1), baked beans (0)
  • Dinner: Chicken chargrill (3.5), steamed vegtables (0), gravy (2)
  • Snacks: Banana (0), strawberries (0), grapes (0), skips crisps (4.5), peach yogurt (0)
  • Drinks: Tea x2 (0), coke zero (0), hot chocolate (3)
  • Total syns: 14

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