Wibble Wobble

My first wobble since starting


Well my first night shift did present a challenge as expected. Yesterday started with fitcamp at 9.30am. I had another good session and really enjoyed it (in that weird hard exercise way). Later in the afternoon I had a hospital appointment an hours drive away. Usually before nights I have a sleep for a few hours in the afternoon but because of my appointment I couldn’t, however, driving back I was exhausted so I had to make a decision, I could have an hour kip or have dinner. I chose the sleep!

This left me with a problem however when I woke up hungry as I didn’t have anything healthy in the house that didn’t require cooking. As a result I decided to try a quick 90 second microwave pie I had in the cupboard. Big mistake! It was so disgusting I managed half before having to give up and bin the rest. I was still hungry though and as a result once I got to work I ended up eating a grab bag of crisps and a sausage roll. I felt guilty, and my mind was telling me ‘Well you’ve done it now, lets eat more!’. But I resisted. After that I stuck to plan and even when offered biscuits later in the night I turned them down. So yes I’ve had my first wobble, but I got straight back up and I learnt my lesson. Be prepared! I need to make sure I have quick and easy food in the house that I can grab when I’m hungry and in a rush. Hopefully after I finish nights tomorrow morning I can get some shopping sorted and this won’t be an issue again.

All that’s left now is to bring on night no. 2!

Yesterdays food:

  • Breakfast: Weetabix (HxB), milk (HxA)
  • Lunch: SW meatballs and pasta (0)
  • Dinner: Half a Fray Bentos just steak meaty puds (?), prawn cocktail grab bag crisps (?), sausage roll (?)
  • Nights: M&S skinny sausages x2 (1), baked beans (0)
  • Snacks: Peach yogurt (0), freddo (5), quavers (4.5)
  • Drinks: Tea x3 (0), water, coke zero
  • Syns: 15+ (total unknown)
  • Body magic: 50 mins fitcamp

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