First week weigh in!

Results of my first week of diet and exercise.


Well I’ve finished my first week! (6 days technically). And I’m very very pleased to announce an 8 1/2lb weight loss! In some ways this brings with it mixed feelings. Yes I’m really happy to have taken such a big first step towards losing weight, but at the same time the fact I can lose so much in one week highlights how much I still have to lose. Onwards and downwards though. I’m looking forwards to my next fitcamp session and even thinking of asking if I can do 2 in a day (not sure if it might be a bit much at the moment though).

I may still have a long way to go on my journey but taking the first steps is often the hardest. I’m now really looking forward to my clothes getting looser (it’s slowly starting) and being able to wear the stuff that’s been bundled in the back of the wardrobe since I started regaining last year. I’m also looking forward to getting all the energy back that fitness and healthy eating brings. I know next weeks loss won’t be even close to this weeks but bring it on. I’m looking forwards to welcoming in the new me.

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