Day 1 Done!

Results of day 1


Well I’ve made it to the end of day 1! As predicted I was worked very hard at the fitcamp session, but the post exercise buzz is so good and I’ve missed it. I was actually amazed at how well I did considering how little exercise I’ve done recently but I feel like I smashed it. I think I’m going to struggle tomorrow and the day after at work though. I already can’t walk down the stairs! Tomorrow I’m back to work after 2 weeks off and work always makes things a challenge. I do 12 hour shifts but can end up with 2hr+ overruns and breaks can either be 3hrs in or 7+hrs in. If all goes well tomorrow I’ll be doing Day 1 Week 1 of a couch 2 5k. Next year I’d really love to enter some races so we’ll see how that goes. At present I think I walk faster than I run!


  • Workout: 50 min Fitcamp
  • Breakfast: ‘Overnight oats’ 40g porridge oats (HxB), strawberries (S), strawberry yogurt (0)
  • Lunch: SW spaghetti ragu (0), spaghetti (0), parmesan (2)
  • Dinner: Chicken chargrill (0), rice (0), steamed vegetables (FP,S,S), gravy (2)
  • Snacks: Activia peach yogurt (0), quavers (4.5)
  • Drinks: Tea (milk HxA) x2, vimto squash 1 pint x5, coke zero vanilla 500ml, water 75cl
  • Total syns: 8.5


Day 1 of my new lifestyle

Well this is it. D-Day! The first day of the rest of my life and I’m really glad to be taking this first step. I’ve weighed in, taken a photo, and done measurements. My meals are planned and I have my first fitcamp session this evening so will be having my ass whipped into shape by a personal trainer who I’m sure won’t go easy on me! I’m sure I’ll be hurting tomorrow. This morning I’ll be doing a quick shopping trip to make sure I have everything I need for the coming week to give myself the best chance. I’m shocked at my weight but hopefully I won’t ever be seeing that number on the scales again.

Starting stats 18/7/2017:

  • Age: 27
  • Height: 1m 64.5cm / 5ft 4in
  • Weight loss so far: 0st 0lb (Normal weigh day Monday)
  • Neck: 39cm/15.3″
  • Bust: 122cm/48″
  • Chest: 106cm/41.7″
  • Waist: 117cm/46″ (widest 132cm/51.9″)
  • Bottom: 132cm/52.7″
  • Upper arms: L-44cm/17.3″   R-46cm/18.1″
  • Lower arms: L-33cm/13″   R-34cm/13.3″
  • Thighs: L-81cm/31.9″   R-81cm/31.9″
  • Calves: L-52cm/20.4″    R-52cm/20.4″
  • Dress size: 20-24 (ish)

Tomorrows a fresh start

Tomorrow I start my journey to the new me!

Well tomorrow marks my fresh start. Not a diet, but a lifestyle change because I never plan on returning to how I am now.

This past week I have been away working at an event and it has really highlighted to me how miserable I am with myself right now and how much I need to change. I did the same event last year at about 3 stone lighter. At that time I felt happy and confident in how I looked and when I picked stuff out my suitcase I knew that not only would it fit but that I’d also look ok. This year I was constantly worried about how fat I looked and I was terrified in case my trousers split. Last year at the party at the end I attracted attention from others, this year it was like I was invisible and didn’t exist. Not only that but I felt the physical effects. Last year I had so much energy. I could be up half the night and still be bouncing back for more the next morning. Plus I could run around without getting out of breath. This year when I sat on the floor I struggled to get back up, running around I’d get out of breath, and I was constantly struggling with tiredness and lack of energy. I never want to feel like that again. I’ve promised myself that next year I’ll be back to the me from last year.

To help me progress I’ve signed up to a ‘biggest loser’ challenge with a local personal trainer. You weigh in at the start and get 2 ‘fitcamp’ sessions a week plus an at home workout and meal planner. After 6 weeks the biggest loser gets their money back and some other prizes. My first session is tomorrow. I have always found I work out better with others as it pushes me to not only get to their standard but better. I used to do crossfit which I adored because all the people there were so good and so fit and it really inspired me. Sadly when I moved base at work my hours changed and I could no longer make it to sessions. I have always loved weight lifting but the facilities at my local gym are abysmal so fingers crossed by joining these fit camps I can do more of that!

So far I have planned my workouts and meals for the next week though they might change slightly, especially the meals depending on what meal plan I am given and because if I follow slimming world I haven’t given myself enough healthy extras or syns or certain days. And the workouts depending on if I have an overrun at work. But I have put my workout plan below anyway to give myself a bit of responsibility to actually follow something.


  • Tuesday: Fitcamp 50 mins
  • Wednesday: Couch to 5k 30 mins (W1D1)
  • Thursday: Couch to 5k  30 mins (W1D2)
  • Friday: Fitcamp 50 mins
  • Saturday: Couch to 5k 30 mins (W1D3)
  • Sunday: Gym min 1hr

I’m really looking forward to starting this now. To getting back to the me who had actually started to enjoy shopping for clothes, who had energy, felt less depressed, and just felt better about being in their own skin. It’s not going to be easy, in fact it’s going to be really hard and I’m sure I’ll have a catalogue of ups and downs, but it’s going to be worth it. Bring it on!

What am I doing here?

Welcome to the new me!

This blog is designed to chart my journey from sofa geek to fitness freak. So to start, a bit about me.

Like many people I’ve been overweight pretty much my whole life. I’ve done a variety of diets from calorie counting to slimming world to very low calorie diets. I usually manage to lose weight but then something makes me lose focus and it all goes back on again (age old story)! Last year I did really well losing 3.5 stone through diet and exercise and I felt so good about myself but then life got in the way, I fell off the diet wagon and the exercise went out the window. Since then I’ve gained the vast majority of it back.

So what’s different this time I hear you ask? Well not only am I missing fitter, healthier me (because I remember what she feels like for once!) but I had a bit of a realisation. I realised that for the past 10+ years all I have thought about and concentrated on is my career. I have had a difficult fight to get where I am with my job with a few ups and a lot of downs but finally I am at a place of relative stability. At the end of this week I will finish doing my BSc top up (which I’ve been doing round work) and although I was looking at doing another university course I think a year off to concentrate on me is in order. 10+ years of concentrating on everything but me is long enough! So once my last uni essay has gone in (at the end of this week) it’s all about me me me.

My plan is to mostly follow slimming world as an online member due to shift work making attending a group difficult, and do various amounts of exercise either through the gym, classes, or couch to 5k with getting out on my bicycle as I get fitter. I have always previously found the support and encouragement of attending a slimming world group useful but without that this time I wanted to make a blog in order to chart my progress, hopefully gain support from any readers, and maybe even inspire someone else to follow in my footsteps.

So welcome to my journey. Lets take those first steps towards a new future together.

wont lose in a week