Week 4

Results of week 4


Well week 4 and I gained 2lb. Not as bad as it could have been but I now need to work hard to get it off again. After promising myself I’d be back on track 100% from Monday I’ve already fallen off. I seem to have an excellent ability to self sabotage. I know what to do but I decide that I don’t want to eat what I have in so I eat something unhealthy, or I go to the shops and buy junk. Then when I get home I eat it as fast as possible so it’s no longer in the house to tempt me. Crazy really. I love seeing the weight come off, and I really want to lose weight, but my head always gets in the way.

On a slightly different note at fitcamp my trainer has a board with everyone’s AMRAP (as many reps as possible) press ups on. I wasn’t on there so we did an AMRAP. It was towards the end of the session and my arms were already dead and I only managed 3 proper press ups. Since then I’ve been trying to do them at home and one thing I’ve found is that it really works your core compared to girlie press ups. And it seems I have no core muscles. My abdo muscles hurt from trying! However hopefully I can keep working on it and next time I can do more.

I’m working now the next 2 days, so may not have time to post, but hopefully I can get back on track and my head back in the game.


I’m back!

Sorry for having been AWOL for a while. Life has been hectic to say the least. The last 2 weeks I’ve been struggling to stay on plan. In part I think it’s due to my poor organisational skills, when the only food you have in your house is chicken or spag bol you get tired of eating the same stuff every day pretty quick! And in part it’s laziness in wanting to work out what to eat, go shopping, and actually prepare it. I can blame life being busy but I think really it’s just an excuse to get out of cooking which I REALLY hate. Mostly because I’m pretty rubbish at it and I’m scared of trying new foods outside of my ‘norm’. This past week I have also been away working at a festival for a few days. Not only did that require a huge amount of driving on not much sleep (about 13.5 hrs in 3 days queue sugar cravings to keep me awake!) but it also meant I had basically no control over what was on the menu, which essentially consisted of chips. Since getting back I’ve been straight back to work and allowed myself to fall back into bad habits as the tiredness from lack of sleep had caught up.

I never posted about last weeks weigh in. I lost half a pound. I knew it wasn’t going to be great. After 2 great weigh in’s I was due a small loss, but not sticking to plan didn’t help. Tomorrow I’m expecting a gain, I already know this after a sneaky weigh in and I’m hoping it’ll only be a few pounds that will be off next week. Tomorrow is the start of a new week and I’m hoping a fresh start on the plan. I have a fitcamp session first thing which always gives me a boost, however, I’m also on the first of my 2 nights shifts which have been a challenge since the start and will probably be even more of a challenge with my current levels of tiredness.

On a positive note to all this doom and gloom I passed the final assignment for my uni degree, which I’ve been doing alongside working full time. It has been such a massive stress for me and knowing that I’ve passed is such a massive relief! Hopefully now I can relax and enjoy life more.

So, I will be back tomorrow or Tuesday to post about my weigh in and how things are going. Wish me luck!

Week 2 done – inches vs pounds

Results of week 2 weigh in

Sorry for not having posted in a few days but with work life’s been rather hectic! So week 2 is now done and I’m very pleased to report having lost another 4lb totalling a whopping 12.5lb in 2 weeks and only 1.5lb off losing that magical first stone. I’m really hoping that by the end of my 6 week biggest loser challenge that I’ll have lost 1.5st – 2st and the way things are going that should be achievable. One thing I have noticed this week is inch loss. When I started this journey I measured inches, but I don’t plan on re-measuring until the end of my 6 week biggest loser challenge. However, my work uniform has become so much looser. At the start of this, and even the start of this week, my trousers were tight on my thighs making them pretty uncomfortable to wear, and I couldn’t have my phone in my trouser pocket. Now my trousers are lose and almost falling off and I can put my phone in my pocket without feeling it. Its amazing the difference a week can make and I can’t wait to re-measure now in 4 weeks.

In other news I have recently persuaded one of my friends to try slimming world. He has been feeling the effects of his weight since starting a less active job and I really want him to be able to enjoy time with his son whilst he’s still young (because grumpy teenagers think parents are uncool)! As someone who has never done slimming world before I’ve recommended he join a group because I think for the first time that support and advice really helps. I’ve offered to go with him to his first group because a first group is daunting to anyone, but as a male walking into a room dominated by women it has to be even more daunting. I really hope he finds it works for him as it does for me. Watch out world because this time next year there’ll be two new slinky people on the beach!

First week weigh in!

Results of my first week of diet and exercise.

Well I’ve finished my first week! (6 days technically). And I’m very very pleased to announce an 8 1/2lb weight loss! In some ways this brings with it mixed feelings. Yes I’m really happy to have taken such a big first step towards losing weight, but at the same time the fact I can lose so much in one week highlights how much I still have to lose. Onwards and downwards though. I’m looking forwards to my next fitcamp session and even thinking of asking if I can do 2 in a day (not sure if it might be a bit much at the moment though).

I may still have a long way to go on my journey but taking the first steps is often the hardest. I’m now really looking forward to my clothes getting looser (it’s slowly starting) and being able to wear the stuff that’s been bundled in the back of the wardrobe since I started regaining last year. I’m also looking forward to getting all the energy back that fitness and healthy eating brings. I know next weeks loss won’t be even close to this weeks but bring it on. I’m looking forwards to welcoming in the new me.