I’m back!


Sorry for having been AWOL for a while. Life has been hectic to say the least. The last 2 weeks I’ve been struggling to stay on plan. In part I think it’s due to my poor organisational skills, when the only food you have in your house is chicken or spag bol you get tired of eating the same stuff every day pretty quick! And in part it’s laziness in wanting to work out what to eat, go shopping, and actually prepare it. I can blame life being busy but I think really it’s just an excuse to get out of cooking which I REALLY hate. Mostly because I’m pretty rubbish at it and I’m scared of trying new foods outside of my ‘norm’. This past week I have also been away working at a festival for a few days. Not only did that require a huge amount of driving on not much sleep (about 13.5 hrs in 3 days queue sugar cravings to keep me awake!) but it also meant I had basically no control over what was on the menu, which essentially consisted of chips. Since getting back I’ve been straight back to work and allowed myself to fall back into bad habits as the tiredness from lack of sleep had caught up.

I never posted about last weeks weigh in. I lost half a pound. I knew it wasn’t going to be great. After 2 great weigh in’s I was due a small loss, but not sticking to plan didn’t help. Tomorrow I’m expecting a gain, I already know this after a sneaky weigh in and I’m hoping it’ll only be a few pounds that will be off next week. Tomorrow is the start of a new week and I’m hoping a fresh start on the plan. I have a fitcamp session first thing which always gives me a boost, however, I’m also on the first of my 2 nights shifts which have been a challenge since the start and will probably be even more of a challenge with my current levels of tiredness.

On a positive note to all this doom and gloom I passed the final assignment for my uni degree, which I’ve been doing alongside working full time. It has been such a massive stress for me and knowing that I’ve passed is such a massive relief! Hopefully now I can relax and enjoy life more.

So, I will be back tomorrow or Tuesday to post about my weigh in and how things are going. Wish me luck!

‘Bad’ food and exercise

Junk food and fitcamps

I have only been on slimming world for just over a week but something has happened that’s never happened before, I’m properly ‘tasting’ foods. The funny thing is I’ve realised how bad many junk foods taste. I have had the ‘wobble’ I wrote about at work the other day, the ‘treat’ after weigh day (don’t go shopping hungry on weigh day!), and today I had a post-work out cookie. The wobble food I didn’t really notice, however, the weigh day ‘treat’ I had an ice cream which was nice, some chicken dippers which just tasted greasy, and some chocolate buttons which I was sick of after a few. Today then I decided to have a cookie from M&S as I’d had basically no syns all day, and it tasted of sugar. Before I would have eaten these foods so fast I don’t think I’d have even noticed. Now I’ve been eating ‘proper’ food for a week I can taste what they’re really like and I’ll be honest it isn’t great! Will I learn my lesson? I hope so. I hope that I’ll learn and remember that I don’t actually enjoy these things anymore but I expect I’ll still have slip-ups. I’ll still decide to ‘treat’ myself and then realise it just really wasn’t worth it.

On a slightly different note I’m still amazing myself at the fitcamps. Having not exercised properly in a while, and considering just a few weeks ago I was out of breath going up the stairs, I am managing to keep with, and in some cases even do better than, people who have been going longer than me. I don’t have the best stamina, which is something I’m going to have to work on, but I have good strength. Last week I was using heavier weights than the guy in the class, and today I was doing just as well, if not better, on some of the lifting exercises. It’s really boosted my confidence and I can’t wait to see how far I come in this 6 week biggest loser challenge. Plus I’ve managed to win a free personal training session where I’m sure I’ll be worked even harder! But I can’t wait 🙂

Wibble Wobble

My first wobble since starting

Well my first night shift did present a challenge as expected. Yesterday started with fitcamp at 9.30am. I had another good session and really enjoyed it (in that weird hard exercise way). Later in the afternoon I had a hospital appointment an hours drive away. Usually before nights I have a sleep for a few hours in the afternoon but because of my appointment I couldn’t, however, driving back I was exhausted so I had to make a decision, I could have an hour kip or have dinner. I chose the sleep!

This left me with a problem however when I woke up hungry as I didn’t have anything healthy in the house that didn’t require cooking. As a result I decided to try a quick 90 second microwave pie I had in the cupboard. Big mistake! It was so disgusting I managed half before having to give up and bin the rest. I was still hungry though and as a result once I got to work I ended up eating a grab bag of crisps and a sausage roll. I felt guilty, and my mind was telling me ‘Well you’ve done it now, lets eat more!’. But I resisted. After that I stuck to plan and even when offered biscuits later in the night I turned them down. So yes I’ve had my first wobble, but I got straight back up and I learnt my lesson. Be prepared! I need to make sure I have quick and easy food in the house that I can grab when I’m hungry and in a rush. Hopefully after I finish nights tomorrow morning I can get some shopping sorted and this won’t be an issue again.

All that’s left now is to bring on night no. 2!

Yesterdays food:

  • Breakfast: Weetabix (HxB), milk (HxA)
  • Lunch: SW meatballs and pasta (0)
  • Dinner: Half a Fray Bentos just steak meaty puds (?), prawn cocktail grab bag crisps (?), sausage roll (?)
  • Nights: M&S skinny sausages x2 (1), baked beans (0)
  • Snacks: Peach yogurt (0), freddo (5), quavers (4.5)
  • Drinks: Tea x3 (0), water, coke zero
  • Syns: 15+ (total unknown)
  • Body magic: 50 mins fitcamp